Golf membership gives you unlimited golf all season long. Limited number of memberships available, call the SCC home in 2024!.

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Membership in the Stratford Country Club provides the Member with the right to use the facilities in accordance with the Terms of Membership and the rules and regulations established for the golf club.

Memberships at the Stratford Country Club include:

  • Unlimited Golf
  • Complimentary Reciprocal Golf at the Listowel Golf Club – (SCC members may play at LGC any day excluding Tuesday afternoons & Thursdays all day and weekends after 12pm).  14-day booking procedure in place
  • Online Booking, Reporting, and Handicap Services
  • Members Account Privileges (with valid credit card on file)
  • Member’s Events – events may be subject to extra fees

2024 Pricing

Category Before March 1 After March 1
Adult $1,899.00 $1,999.00
Adult (20-29 years old) $1,359.00 $1,459.00
Adult Couple (must reside at the same address) $3,199.00 $3,299.00
Student (17-25, full time enrolment required with Student ID) $899.00 $999.00
Junior (11-16) $459.00 $459.00
Junior Family (11-16 with full Adult Member) $349.00 $349.00
Beginner (10 & Under) $159.00 $159.00

Age categories as of January 1, 2024.

Prices do not include HST.

Booking Privileges

Tee times for members can be made 10 days in advance by phone or 14 days via the website.

Pricing & Terms

All Full Memberships include Golf Canada Gold Membership.  This now includes:

  • Up to $6000 in Incident Protection Coverage
  • Your official Golf Canada Handicap Factor
  • Golf Canada Score Centre game and Score tracking account
  • Exclusive offers on event tickets & merchandise

Memberships valid from Announced Opening until the Announced End of Season (2023 mid-April through Oct 31)
Age for Membership Categories is as of January 1st.

Additional Items

Category: Pre-March 1 After March 1
Bundle Package
*Bundle first four membership additions below and SAVE!
$949.00 $999.00
Rider Package $749.00 $799.00
Range Membership – Limited to 2 bags of range balls per day $200.00 $220.00
Locker – January 1-December 31
$105.00 $110.00
Club Storage – self serve $125.00 $130.00
Seasonal Push Cart Rental (separate from bundle package – stand alone item) $55.00 $55.00

Prices do not include HST.

Payment Options

Pricing and Payment Option #1: Membership registration by March 1, 2024 with a post-dated cheque or credit card for April 1st, 2024.

Pricing and Payment Option #2: Full-rate Membership registration after March 1st, 2024 with 100% rate due upon registration.

All Membership Options can be payable monthly, with the final payment due by October 1, 2024.
$50 Admin fee applies.

Terms of Membership

Adult Memberships

Membership includes unrestricted playing privileges at the Stratford Country Club. Members have access to the online booking system which allows two weeks advance booking, and 10 days advanced booking by phone. Members have the opportunity to participate in Club organized golf and social events, in accordance with event fees. Membership does not include entry in any tournament play at Stratford Country Club, excluding Member events. All Membership fees must be paid in full prior to being granted any Membership privileges.

Adult Couples are classified as married or a couple that is common-law (shared home address).

Intermediate Adult Memberships

Membership is identical to the Adult Membership but is offered only to adults aged 20-29 as of January 1.

Student Memberships

The Student Membership (ages 17-25) at the Stratford Country Club includes all of the privileges outlined above in the Adult Membership; however valid proof of enrollment in a full-time educational institution is required.  Age as of January 1.

Junior Memberships

Junior Membership (ages 11-16) at the Stratford Country Club includes unlimited playing privileges at the Stratford Country Club, but is subject to certain time restrictions. Juniors are permitted to play only after 12 pm on weekends and holidays unless accompanied by an Adult Member or Guest, and anytime Monday to Friday, excluding 12-6:30pm on Tuesdays (Men’s League) and 4-6:30pm on Thursdays (Ladies League). Juniors receive the same online booking access, as well as the same advanced booking privileges.

Junior Family Membership (ages 11-16) is for children who have a parent who is registered as an SCC adult member.  Juniors are permitted to play only after 12 pm on weekends and holidays unless accompanied by an Adult Member or Guest, and anytime Monday to Friday, excluding 12-6:30pm on Tuesdays (Men’s League) and 4-6:30pm on Thursdays (Ladies League). Juniors receive the same online booking access, as well as the same advanced booking privileges.

Early Beginner Membership (ages 10 & under) is for those children who will be accompanied by an adult SCC member at all times while on site at the SCC.  Those children under the age of 10 who are skilled enough and have been given approval by their parents to play golf on their own or with other children in their age group, are subject to the junior membership fee ($459).

Regulation of Membership

Membership allows Members of Stratford Country Club to use its facilities upon payment of applicable entrance fees and annual dues and is subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Club. Acceptance as a Member does not entitle a Member to, or confer upon the Member, any investment, ownership or equitable interest in the Club or any of its assets. The Club has the sole and absolute right and discretion to operate, maintain, repair, modify, expand, sell, finance, dispose, lease, license or otherwise deal with the Club or any of it facilities as it sees fit.

Stratford Country Club will use reasonable efforts to have the Golf Course available for play by Members. The closure of all or any portion of the Golf Course for repair, maintenance, improvement or expansion and the use of all or any part of the facilities for the purpose of private functions, corporate events, public play or otherwise, shall be at the sole discretion of the Club, acting reasonably.

Stratford Country Club and the owners reserve the right, from time to time, to amend the terms of Membership, or make any other changes in the terms and conditions set forth in this Membership Plan. Failure to observe and abide by the terms of Membership or the Rules and Regulations of Stratford Country Club will result in a review of your Membership privileges and may result in suspense or termination of playing privileges.

Power Cart Usage – Rules & Regulations

Rider Package – NEW FOR 2024 – Rider Package can be utilized at Listowel Golf Club.

Members that have paid for a Cart Rider Package have the privilege of unlimited use of power golf cart for the season. Availability of power carts is subject to change due to tournament bookings, weather conditions, end of seasonal storage and/or peak/quiet times. In the event the Pro Shop closes during regular business hours, power carts may not be available for use.  Members are advised to always reserve required carts at the time of booking to assist the Pro Shop with fleet management.  Rider package holders have only paid for cart use when scope of business permits.  Although we strive to provide unrestricted access to the golf course, there may be times where carts may not be available for use.

Rider package holders have only paid for their portion of the cart; therefore anyone riding with them must have either a rider package or have paid the Pro Shop the required fees. All operators of a power cart must possess a valid driver’s license and/or be at least 18 years of age.  Damage to golf carts will not be tolerated and renters may be subject to repair charges at the discretion of the Stratford Country Club.

Daily Fee Usage

Members may rent power carts on a pay per use basis. Availability of power carts is subject to change due to tournament bookings, weather conditions, and peak times. Members are advised to always reserve required carts at the time of booking to assist Pro Shop with fleet management. Cart fees are charged on a per-person basis. All riders must pay for their portion, either by a use of a rider package, or by a rental fee. Failure to fully pay for use of power carts will result in a review of your membership privileges and may result in suspense or termination of playing privileges. All operators of a power cart must possess a valid drive’s license and/or be at least 18 years of age.  Damage to golf carts will not be tolerated and renters may be subject to repair charges at the discretion of the Stratford Country Club.

Rules of Cart Use

Power carts are only to be used/rented during the hours posted on the tee sheet (and must adhere to the tee time that is booked). Staff are not permitted to provide access to power carts after the final tee time of the day. No exceptions.  A maximum of two people and two golf bags are permitted on a power cart at any one time. Carts must be driven in a manner that does not damage the course or the cart, and does not interfere with other Members or Guests enjoyment of the game. At all times, carts must adhere to the direction of the Pro Shop, Course Officials, or Maintenance Staff instruction. Carts must be kept on the cart paths near tees, greens, and on all par threes where provided. Improper use of a golf cart will result in a review of your Membership privileges and may result in the loss of cart privileges. Wilful damage of a power cart will result in immediate disciplinary action and the Member will be held liable for the cost of repairs.

Membership Activity Fee Policy

Refunds are available for memberships up to opening date for the sport (less administrative service charge of 5%).  Following the opening day of the sport, golf or curling, there will be no refunds or partial refunds on memberships.

Partial Sport Credit:  On a case by case basis, after receipt in writing to the Club Director, Management will review circumstances due to major medical condition/reasons only.  If applicable, a sport credit will be issued pro-rated based on the elapsed time of the sport membership period up to the cut-off point of the sport season (1).  Decisions made by Management will be final and provided within 30 days.  In the event a member is a dual sport activity user, a sport credit will be issued and can be used for either golf or curling.  Sport credits will be valid for  twelve (12) months from date of issue date, are non-transferable, have no monetary value and may only be used towards  annual base membership fees.

(1) Golf July 1, Curling January 1

Rules and Regulations

Rules of Golf

Except as modified by local rules, all play is governed by the current regulations approved by the Royal Canadian Golf Association. For local rules, please consult the score card. Members are expected to become familiar with the local rules as well as the regular rules as stated in the Rules of Golf. Players must not practice on any part of the golf course or pitch to the practice green.

Any Member using the course when it is closed may have his or her playing privileges suspended for such a period of time as the Management may determine.

The Stratford Country Club Team is empowered to enforce the Club’s Rules and Regulations. Members are required to respect authority.

Starting Procedure

The Stratford Country Club Team has the authority to control starting in any manner that will expedite orderly and enjoyable golf. Members must always report to the Pro Shop prior to teeing off. All Members are urged to comply with the starting procedures and to be conscious of their respective pace of play.

All games shall start on the first tee with the exception of those days which have been designated crossovers by the Stratford Country Club Team. Everyone must check-in in person at the Pro Shop prior to playing.


Golf Canada’s National Handicap System is available for use by downloading the Golf Canada app on your mobile device or can be accessed by logging into Usernames and passwords may be obtained through the authorized staff in the Pro Shop.

Since club matches and friendly games are based on handicaps, in fairness to both your opponents and your partners, it is important to have proper up-to-date handicaps.

Immediately following your round, Members should post their scores in Nine-hole scores may be posted along with 18-hole scores. Golf Canada Rules provide for penalties in situations of abuse.

Members who belong to two or more clubs should record the scores of every round, regardless of the course, into each and every handicap system where they belong, in order to establish and maintain a proper handicap.

Golf Etiquette

Slow play will not be tolerated. Players should play without delay and follow right behind the group ahead at all times. To help overcome slow play, Members and guests are asked to consider the following points:

  • Four-ball games are recommended during periods of heavy play

The Stratford Country Club Team will group players into four-ball games at our discretion.

  • Prepare for your shot as you approach your ball or the tee and always be ready to play when it is your turn
  • Practice continuous putting
  • When you have completed a hole, pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee as quickly as possible
  • Always be considerate of fellow golfers

Players failing to maintain the pace of play, by looking for a ball or by dropping back more than one clear hole from those in front, must waive the following group through if they are not on time par. Time par for Stratford Country Club is 4 hours and 15 minutes. The problem of slow play will be monitored throughout the season and action will be taken as considered necessary. The Course Assistant has guidelines to govern the pace of play and will take reasonable actions to correct problems including a group to pick-up their balls  and move ahead until they are maintaining pace directly behind the group in front of them.

Players are reminded to take great care to repair all ball marks on greens, rake bunkers and replace divots. Power carts may not be driven closer than thirty feet or as otherwise marked from all greens and tees. Carts must remain on the cart path on all par threes.

Dress Regulations

All Members and Guests must wear suitable attire at all times on the course and in and around the Clubhouse. Members are expected to dress tastefully and to comply with the Club dress code. As dress is a personal matter and as contemporary golf attire changes from time to time any questions regarding the acceptability of any particular apparel can be reviewed with the Club Director.

Gentlemen prohibited dress: sleeveless shirts, fishnet shirts, no shirts and caps with garish, gaudy or vulgar slogans or blatant advertising, warm-ups and sweatpants, jean cut-off, gym shorts or any other short shorts.

Ladies prohibited dress: beach tank tops, fishnet tops, cut-offs, jeans, gym shorts sweat-suits or warm-up suits are not permitted.

Footwear: Golf Sandals are acceptable, all other sandals, flip-flops, or casual dress sandals are not. Soft-spiked golf shoes are also acceptable footwear. Work boots, loafers, dress shoes or any other shoe determined by the Pro Shop to be inappropriate are not acceptable.

Social Media

From time to time, the SCC may take photos of our facility that may or may not include members, guests or other golfers. Social media platforms, our website and other promotional material allow us to showcase our facility and membership in hope to attract new and returning guests to our facility.

Guest Privileges

Members are responsible for all accounts and the actions of their guests, including compliance with the dress regulations and conduct on the course and clubhouse premises.

Practice Facilities – Driving Range Use Will Be Irons and Hybrids Only

Practicing on the Golf Course is absolutely not permitted. Subject to maintenance or extreme weather conditions, the Practice Facilities will be open daily. In order to assure turf grass conditions it is paramount that every respects the markers or blocks indication the designated practice areas in use on a given day. By staying within the confines of the markers and by alternating the tee markers frequently, superior turf grade conditions will be maintained for the enjoyment of all golfers.

Practice range balls are for use on the practice facilities only and not to be used on the practice putting green.

Range balls may not be taken for use on the golf course no matter what the circumstances.

House Accounts

Statements for all House Accounts are available online through our online booking system. Overdue fees and outstanding house accounts will be charged interest at a monthly rate of 2%.

In order to prevent discrepancies all Member chits are required to be signed and must indicate the appropriate account number. All chits that are not signed which include Food and Beverage purchases will have a 15% service charge added to them. Your account number may be given to your guests at your discretion for use at the Stratford Country Club; however Stratford Country Club assumes no responsibility for any misuse of your house account.

Credit Book’s
Please instruct our team if you are interested in using your credit book.

We will not assume you want to use your credit book as there are multiple uses this season and everyone may wish to utilize their credit differently.

Employee Relations

All Stratford Country Club employees will be treated with respect and courtesy. Members and Guests may not abuse any employee verbally or otherwise. Stratford Country Club does not condone or tolerate sexual harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment includes any conduct, comment, gesture or contact of sexual nature that is likely to cause offense, humiliation or is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome. Although the Member or Guest may not perceive their comments or actions to be discriminatory or unwelcome because the employee did not communicate their discomfort, due to the employee customer relationship they may not feel comfortable expressing this.

Stratford Country Club will make every reasonable effort to ensure that no employee is subject to sexual harassment. Any Member who is found to be mistreating a Stratford Country Club employee may have his or her playing privileges suspended or terminated.


Vehicles may proceed the side parking area to unload passengers and clubs at the bag drop, and then must proceed to the designated parking area. Please do not leave your vehicle idling, parked or unattended at the bag drop area at the side of the Pro Shop.

Suggestions And Feedback

Suggestions or feedback regarding Members, employees or Club operations must be in writing to the Club Director.

Statement Of Policy, The Service And Consumption Of Alcohol

It is the policy of the Club that responsibility for the conduct of each Member, his/her Family and Guests, in all matters including the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Club premises, lies with the individual Members; that responsibility is not and cannot be assumed by the Club. The Club Director will instruct each of the Club’s employees who serve alcoholic beverages, to refuse to serve them to any person who appears to have consumed alcohol to the point of creating a potential inconvenience or danger to himself/herself or others. Any Member that feels his/her guest has been offended by a refusal by an employee of Stratford Country Club is asked not to take issue with employee but to place his/her grievance in writing, through the office of the Club Director. Any altercations or disturbances will be reported and suspension or termination of privileges will be considered by Management. Outside alcohol is not permitted to be brought onto the property by any users of our facilities. Those caught bringing outside alcohol onto Stratford Country Club property, will have it taken away, emptied and discarded. The member or guest who brought the alcohol may be suspended, asked to leave, or have their privileges suspended.

Waiver, Variation And Interpretation Of Rules and Regulations

Notwithstanding, anything set forth in the Rules and Regulations, the Management may, at its discretion, waive or vary any or all of the said Rules and Regulations in any particular case. Interpretation of these Rules and Regulations by the management or by any authorized Stratford Country Club official or employee to whom such authority is delegated by the management, is conclusive.

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