Welcome to the Stratford Country Club Indoor Golf League.  Home to 2 full swing simulators with a variety of courses to choose from. When you join the 20 week league you will golf a new course each week and a FEDEX cup style season. Scoring will be net scoring throughout the season. League play days are Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. It is a great way to keep swinging throughout the winter months, and be ready to hit the links in the spring! While you are on site you can also enjoy some food & beverage from our lounge. Click here to check out our current hours of operation and food menu. Join our indoor golf league! 

Click the above photo to sign up for the league. Starting November 7th 2022. Not interested in an indoor golf league, but want to try out the simulators? You can also just come play 7 days a week. Gather a group of friends together and come swing. $45.00 and hour + HST for a maximum of 3 hours.


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